Philippine Airlines fleet

Browse Philippine Airlines' varied fleet of aircraft with information on classes of service offered, seat configurations and number of seats on board. From Bombardier turboprops on PAL Express regional routes to the mighty Boeing B777, get in the know of what you'll be travelling on.

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Philippine Airlines operates a range of aircraft, featuring Airbus and Boeing jets as well as efficient Bombardier turboprops.

Quiet and fuel-efficient, the Canadian-made Bombardier Q300/400 (DH3/4) turboprops are predominantly found on PAL Express short-haul (regional) routes. The smaller Q300 offers 50 seats while the larger Q400 has space for 76. Both aircraft versions offer a single Economy Class (Fiesta) cabin, configured with 2 � aisle � 2 seating.

Philippine Airlines operates two versions of the Airbus A320. Version 1 has 12 seats in Business Class and 138 Economy Class seats, while Version 2 has space for 144 seats in Economy Class with the same 12 in Business Class. Mabuhay Class has a spacious onfiguration of 2 � aisle � 2 and 3 � aisle � 3 in Fiesta Class (both aircraft versions).

The Airbus A321 has the same configuration as the A320 but offers a third cabin, Premium Economy, with 18 seats. The wide-body Airbus A330 comes in two versions, offering either a 2 or 3 class layout. Business Class is configured 2-2-2, with Premium and Economy Class both in a 3-3-3 set up. All three versions of the Airbus A340 come in a two-class layout, configured 2-2-2 in Business Class and 2-4-2 in Economy Class.

Predominantly used on trans-Pacific and other long-haul routes, including service to and from Australia and North America, the Boeing B777-300ER (Extended Range) is Philippine Airlines' latest addition to their fleet. Offering 42 lie-flat seats in Business Class and 328 standard Economy Class seats, the aircraft features the latest in audio/video on-demand entertainment in both classes of service.