Philippine Airlines flight status

Now that you've booked your flight, manage your booking with ease. Check your flight status (choose 'flight status' on the navigation bar) directly with Philippine Airlines to reconfirm your flight times, check the most up-to-date flight departure and arrival information, any possible flight cancellations or travel advisories.

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If you are within two days of your scheduled departure date, you can check your most up-to-date departure information using Philippines Airlines' convenient flight status tool (choose 'flight status' from the navigation bar). You can search by departure date and flight number or by date, departing city and destination to find your outbound flight and easily reconfirm your flight times.

If you've booked your flight well in advance of your travel date, the more of a chance there is of your schedule being changed by the airline. The reconfirmation of flight times is always the responsibility of the traveller, even though a schedule change is usually communicated by the airline electronically, if and when it occurs.

In the event of a schedule change, make sure your flights don't misconnect, meaning that any new flights your airline is rescheduling you on doesn't interfere with any portion of the remaining itinerary. If flights now overlap, contact your travel agent (only if booked with Flight Centre) or Philippines Airlines directly. In the event of a flight cancellation, the airline will do its best to re-accommodate you on the closest possible flight at no cost to you.

As the flight status tool also displays arriving flight information, those waiting to pick-up friends or family from the airport can track the flight they are waiting on in real-time, and avoid unnecessary trips to the airport if the flight is delayed or cancelled. As with departure information, you can search by date and flight number or by date, departing city and destination to find your flight and easily reconfirm flight times, terminal and gate information.

Please note that only Philippines Airlines (PAL) and PAL Express operated flights can be tracked with this system. To track codeshare flights, always check with the operating carrier.