Join Us in Providing Relief for Australia

by Daniel Nikulin
Overlooking the 12 Apostles in Australia

As stories and images continue to emerge of the devastation left behind by the relentless bush fires sweeping across Australia, the sheer scope of the disaster is hard to grasp. In its wake thus far, dozens of human lives have been lost and a staggering 500 million animals are believed to have perished. So far, nearly 20 million acres have burned, much of it forest that Australia’s unique wildlife calls home.

The catastrophic fires have left many around the world heartbroken, hoping to assist in relief efforts in any way possible, we at Flight Centre among them.


Why We Want to Help  

Australia is very dear to us. Not only is it where Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) began in the early 1980s, but it is still our home with company headquarters in Brisbane and hundreds of stores and businesses throughout. 

The Australian wilderness

Australia is also our family, where thousands of our people live and work. As a company, we have an opportunity to give back to a country that means a lot to our global FCTG family in many ways. We realize that Australia is a special and precious travel destination, too, and through our businesses worldwide, we’ve sent countless visitors Down Under to fall in love with it as we have.   


How Flight Centre Americas is Helping

In the Americas, almost as soon as the fires were reported, Flight Centre staff (‘Flighties’) began to inquire about how we could help our Australian family. As a result, FCTG Americas is raising funds in support of the victims of the Australian bushfire crisis, both human and wildlife.

Flight Centre staff feeding a kangaroo

The company will be matching employee donations to two organizations that have been working tirelessly with front line volunteers in significant need of supplies and services: Foodbank Australia & WIRES Wildlife Support

Through this collective action of individuals and our company, we are hoping to make an impact.


How You Can Help

We realize that many of our fellow travellers and global citizens want to help, too. We encourage everyone to contribute, along with us, to the following organizations:

Foodbank Australia  

Foodbank logo

Playing a crucial role in the current crisis, Foodbank Australia is part of the official emergency response network. As a trusted organization, Foodbank distributes food contributions from both the public and grocery sectors to stricken areas in order to efficiently and effectively support the relief efforts, delivering exactly what is needed, when and where it’s needed. 

DONATE to Foodbank Australia

WIRES Wildlife Support  

WIRES Wildlife Support logo

WIRES Wildlife Support has been serving Australian wildlife for over 30 years, training hundreds of people in wildlife rescue and care annually with over 2500 volunteers. Through their donation charter, WIRES aims to improve the lives of Australia’s animals, operating 365 days a year in assisting the community to help native wildlife in distress.

DONATE to WIRES Wildlife Support

Flight Centre staff with koala bear

Urgent help is needed. With summer just beginning, record scorching temperatures and one of the worst droughts in history, Australia’s fires are expected to spread and rage for possibly months longer. It is hard to estimate how many more lives will be lost in the fires or what the impact of food and water shortages, as well as habitat loss, will have on the continent.  


Please join us in showing Australia just how much the world cares. Thank you for your attention and kind support.

The Flighties