South Pacific and Asia? Both destinations go the distance!

by Alyssa Daniells
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Who doesn’t dream of visiting exotic locales across the globe? Those words alone conjure idyllic images of the South Pacific islands, Australia’s otherworldy wonders, or perhaps Asia’s unique treasures.

Truth be told though, for us North Americans, a journey to the South Pacific and Asia isn’t a mere “hop across the pond.”

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When you’re spending both time and money to visit these far away, albeit must-see destinations, you may as well make the most of the journey, right? Especially when you can see two, three or more destinations on an airfare that’s priced the same as a single destination ticket!

Enlist the help of an Airfare Expert and you can spend less and see more in Asia, Australia and the South Pacific archipelago.

To help you get started with your exciting travel planning, we’ve grouped a few of the diverse and dynamic destinations into affordable and accessible stops. Here are some of the rich experiences that await you:

Delectable Destinations

You’re a gastronome that appreciates the perfect pairing. Beyond a fresh, crisp Sauvignon Blanc teamed with sautéed shrimp, or a balanced craft beer to cut through a meaty curry, why not consider a pairing of complementary destinations?

What’s on our menu? May we suggest…

Thailand & Hong Kong

thai food tom yum soup red curry

When one’s mouth begins to water just at the mere mention of lemongrassy Tom Yum Soup, intoxicatingly aromatic green curry and fragrantly spiced satays, you know the cuisine must be extraordinary.

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is a culinary capital of Southeast Asia as well. The now-trendy street food that appears in North American restaurants is a traditional staple on the roads and in laneways. Sample its most famous dish, Pad Thai, prepared in a giant street wok before your eyes, made-to-order and topped with a fresh egg that cooks itself in the steaming goodness.

thailand food truck street vendor south pacific and asia

If you prefer to escape bustling Bangkok, consider a cooking tour in Northern Thailand. This region is the country’s bread basket (ok, rice bowl.) Incidentally, this is where stick rice is a staple, differing from the dishes you’ll find in Bangkok and Thai islands. Classes are a great way to not just learn how to cook these incredible dishes properly, but also appreciate them. We can book you a cooking class that includes shopping in the market first to enhance your culinary journey. Best of all, you get to eat your hard work after in a group setting after! Not only do you earn authentic bragging rights, but you’ll certainly impress your friends back home when you entertain.

Speaking of entertain… Hong Kong’s spectacular sights, sounds and savoury dishes are also a combined highlight of any Asian travel itinerary. A mecca for foodies across Asia, Hong Kong features regional Cantonese cooking, which many consider to be the pinnacle of Chinese cuisine.

hong kong floating restaurant south pacific and asia

Gorge on gorgeous seafood and fill yourself to the gills with delicious fish dishes. A myriad of Hong restaurants overlook Causeway Bay, where you can watch fisherman catch the fare mere hours (or less!) before it lands on your plate.

A story worth its salt about Hong Kong cuisine must include its beloved delicacy, Dim sum.  Bite-sized pieces served on small plates, in bamboo baskets and lotus leaves, are a cultural cornerstone and time-held tradition.

delicious steamed dim sum dumplings

Once you’ve had your fill of noodles and local Hong Kong street foods (is that possible? We think not!) Hong Kong is home to Michelin-rated restaurants, including the first Chinese restaurant with this esteemed ranking, as well as Japanese and Italian.

Trust us, a two-stop airfare to Thailand and Hong Kong will satisfy the most discerning travel tastes!

Beach Boho Meets City Chic

bali beach boho beautiful scenery south pacific and asia

Basking on sun-drenched beaches in Bali, sipping from coconuts in Krabi, snorkelling and scuba diving in Koh Samui or sailing carefree in the Whitsunday Islands, is to say the least, pretty darn awesome.

Then again, a journey to the Southern Hemisphere doesn’t seem complete without seeing iconic Sydney Opera House rising from the sparkling harbour, or enjoying civilized tastings in Australia and New Zealand’s acclaimed wine regions, or shopping in trendy and cosmopolitan Melbourne.

sydney opera house australia city view harbour bridge at night south pacific and asia

Good news, folks. You don’t have to choose between the rugged and refined. This coveted type of holiday delivers the best of both worlds.

Live it up in energetic and urbane cities. Laze on hammocks in a tropical breeze or in turquoise waters. We recommend you set up this dream vacation in that order… your adrenaline will be pumping as you explore cities and enjoy the many activities within. After, you may recharge and top up your tan before coming home (you do plan to come home, right?)

Island Hoppin’ Good Time

Don’t feel like dusting the sand off your toes? You’re in the right part of the world! From the island-continent of Australia, to its breathtaking islands off the Queensland coast, to paradisical Polynesia, Vietnam’s breathtaking hidden isles to its south, or the peppering of Thailand’s famous islands and inlets, the South Pacific and Asia island-hopping opportunities are endless.

vietnam island fishing boat stunning sunset south pacific and asia

As you can imagine, the logistics in touring all these places is nothing short of challenging. Guided tours are an excellent way to get the most out of this glorious travel wish list. These destination pairings (or ‘triplings’, or however many you wish!) are ambitious, but a Flight Centre travel agent will seamlessly coordinate all these incredible stops. Didn’t think you could experience the South Pacific and Asia all in one trip? We hope you’re pleasantly surprised.

Now that you’re inspired, are you ready to book the trip to South Pacific and Asia you never thought possible? Take advantage of our free expertise and best prices on the market, and contact a consultant today, online, at 1 877 967 5302, or in-store.