Top 5 Things to Do in Queensland, Australia

by GuestBlogger
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Escaping the cold winter temperatures is typically at the forefront of Canadian travellers minds when seeking a warm weather destination. Combine the sunshine with a little bit adventure, gorgeous scenery and an incredibly unique range of places to explore, and what you’ll get is an unforgettable vacation experience! There is all this and more to be found in beautiful Queensland, Australia. After recently visiting the land down under, Rebecca from Simple as That shares her top 5 things to do in Queensland with us:

1. Visit Cairns


One of the first stops I made on my visit to Queensland last year was to Cairns and I quickly fell in love with this lovely city. The relaxed, family friendly vibe of the community drew me in immediately and I found myself thinking often during my stay, of how much fun it would be to bring our whole family here one day! A walk along the Esplanade while in Cairns is a must. This boardwalk goes on for 4 km and features a beautiful view of the ocean, playgrounds for the kids, a spray park and multiple ‘stations’ where one can exercise outdoors. The whole family can also enjoy a dip in the Esplanade Lagoon – a 4800 sq. foot saltwater pool that is free to the public. You can read more about my stay in Cairns here.

2. Explore the Daintree Rainforest


There’s such a variety of outdoor activities to experience in Queensland. Being out in nature and enjoying this beautiful, lush, tropical province was one of the highlights of my trip! One place where you can experience nature at it’s finest is the Daintree Rainforest. I had the opportunity to hike through the rain forest and marvelled at the diverse vegetation, dipped my toes in the crystal clear water of the Mossman river and ziplined through the majestic trees. If you’re out to find adventure, you’ll surely find it in the Daintree, but you can also take the opportunity to relax and unwind with the tranquil sounds of the river and the rainforest in the background.

3. Kayak at Cape Tribulation


Kayaking along the shores of cape tribulation is exactly as incredible as it sounds. I enjoyed an afternoon paddling at my own pace along the shores of Cape Trib spotting turtles, listening to the calming ocean waves and taking in the view of the gorgeous beaches. I could hardly believe how truly heavenly it was! There was so much to take in and it was the perfect group activity!

4. Local Wildlife


You can’t visit Queensland without taking the time to meet some of the local animals. I had such fun interacting with Koala bears, kangaroos and spotting other wildlife during my travels. The wildlife here are so unique and there are many opportunities available to get up close and personal with some of Australia’s friendly and not so friendly creatures. One of my favorite animal encounters was feeding the kangaroos as the Cairns Tropical Zoo.

5. Experience the Great Barrier Reef


Of course you can’t travel to Queensland without taking the time to see the Great Barrier Reef. There are so many ways to explore the reef, any way you choose you will come away feeling the same as I did – it’s amazing! You can snorkel, scuba dive, helmet dive, take a glass bottom boat tour or even take to the air to see the it. When you see the reef from above you truly get a sense of its vastness! I was thrilled to be able to take a helicopter ride over the reef and I was in absolute awe! I never stopped snapping photos of the scene before me and I don’t know that any of the photos I captured can truly convey what a incredible site it was! It’s something you simply must see for yourself!

I had the chance to explore the reef from under the water as well by snorkeling and scuba diving. As an inexperienced diver an intro scuba dive was perfect for me and as incredible as the view of the reef was from above, the view from below was just as unique and awe inspiring. The fish that I swam with, the giant clams and the under water vegetation were like nothing I’d seen before!


These are just a few of the many things one can do in Queensland. There truly is something for everyone and then some in this gorgeous, sunny part of the world! My time spent in Queensland was absolutely amazing and well worth every hour spent to get there! My experiences in Queensland, the people I met and the places I was able to see will forever be in my heart and I can’t wait to return again soon to share my Queensland experiences with my family!

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